Precept U-Tri Tour Golf Balls

Precept U-Tri Tour Golf Balls The Precept U-Tri Tour is a three piece ball created especially for experienced players who are looking to maximize their distance on long shots and maintain control in a short game. These balls rank the highest for distance among those in Precept's offerings.

The three piece design of the Precept U-Tri Tour gives it its playability characteristics. Each part of the U-Tri Tour's name refers to a part of its construction. Tri stands for the triple layers which compose this ball. The core uses dual muscle fiber technology to increase launch and distance off a driver and better, softer feel in a short game. The "u" in Precept U-Tri Tour stands for the soft urethane thermoplastic cover which is softer than balls with a Surlyn cover such as those from Pinnacle. This provides more responsiveness on the green and a better feel which is easier on the joints. The mantle layer gives these balls better spin in short games, where it performs at a comparable level to other tour balls.

Like the hexagonal dimples used in the Callaway HX Tour balls, the Precept U-Tri Tour implements a unique design for its dimples. 368 dimples in a trigonal trapezohedron seamlessly coat the surface of these balls. These dimples help to reduce drag in flight and increase spin on the green.

Experienced golfers looking for a well performing general ball for both short and long games will not be disappointed by using the Precept U-Tri Tour.